This book has written specially for Satellite Television. Using this book anyone can install Satellite Dish Antennas and Satellite Systems .No special knowledge is necessary To install these items.


  • Satellite TV receiving systems
  • Nochia Satellite Dish Antenna
  • Installing Nochia Satellite Dish Antenna
  • Installing Feed Horn, LNB
  • LNBF V/H switching system
  • Installing Satellite Systems
  • Audio/Video cable connection
  • RF cable connection
  • Correct operating system
  • Fourth step (Receiving channels from Thaicom-3)
  • Channels from Pas-4, Intelsat-704, Intelsat-703, Arabsat-2A, Express-6, Insat-ID,
    Insat-2B/2C, Asiasat-2, Asiasat-1, Palapa-C2
  • Remote control Satellite Receivers
  • Polarity controls of Satellite Receivers
  • Nochia Satellite Systems
  • Nochia Analog Satellite System – 1, 2, 3, 4