This book has written specially for satellite Television Systems. Using this book anyone can make Dish Antennas and can install any Satellite system. No special knowledge necessary regarding this field to make these items.


  • Satellite Television
  • Fundamental of Satellite Television
  • Satellite signals in space
  • Global Beam, Hemispheric Beam
  • Satellite foot-print
  • How a Satellite System works
  • Satellite channels
  • Satellite channel guide
  • Analog & Digital Satellite TV
  • Satellite Pay TV channels
  • Free to air (FTA)
  • Satellite receiving system
  • Parabolic Dish Antenna
  • Installing a Satellite Antenna
  • Vertical & Horizontal polarization
  • Model polarity control
  • Satellite receivers
  • LNB and LNBF
  • Remote control Satellite receivers
  • Digital Satellite receivers