Antenna Boosters

Butterfly Bolts

Butterfly Nuts

Square and Round  Dipole Cups

Various type of Batapola Antenna boxes with and without U-Bolts and Power boxes.

Various type of Metal and Plastic Element Holders
Square and Round End Caps

U – Bolts for Antennas.

Soldered Booster Circuit for Batapola Antenna.

Complete  Power Supply Unit  for Batapola Antenna.

Printed circuit board  and other components including Transistors for Batapola antenna.

Transformers ( 12 V -0-12 V , 200 mA or 300 mA ) for Batapola antenna.

Various type of Plastic and metal Antenna jack and Plugs in various colors.

Long and short  F-Connectors

Long and short  F- Female bulkhead connectors.

Matching Transformer Ferrite Core and  Wires.

Power Cord ( Pure Copper ) for Botapola Antennas and Other Equipments

2RCA Plug  to 2RCA Plug cords ( Pure copper )

3.5 mm Stereo  Plug  to 2RCA  Plug cords ( Pure copper )

3RCA Plug  to 3RCA Plug cords ( Pure copper )

Binding wires.

Cable ties in various sizes

Mixer Circuit and other Dipole antenna circuits.