RG6U aluminium cable red & green brandRG6U aluminium cable cross section red & green brand

RG6U coaxial cable is used to connect audio & video equipment.
Use for connecting TVs, roof-top antennas, satellite TV receivers & GSM/CDMA phones.
This cable offers F-connectors on both ends for easy installation.
Available retail and wholesale in Sri Lanka

Center Conductor – CCS (Copper Clad Steel)
Impedance – 75 Ohm
Shield – 60% Braid 100%
Foil – Polyester/Aluminum Fusible Shielding
Jacket – PVC Jacket
UV resistant for indoor & outdoor use
Length – 90 meters roll
Color – Black
Foot Markings
Package – PE film packing (Polyethylene cover)
Brand – Red & Green Brand

General Description
RG6 is a coaxial cable use to distribute & connect cable television, satellite TV,
domestic TV signals & CCTV. The “RG” stands for radio guide, The number
distinguishes the different cable specifications  The “U” stands for general utility use.
RG6U has a larger conductor, which gives it much better signal quality over RG59.
RG6 is also made with different kinds of shielding to be cost effective in different use.
RG6U is the best choice connecting TV antenna & CCTV in Sri Lanka. As one
of the main retail & wholesale cable suppliers in Sri Lanka we provide the cost
effective RG6U Red & Green brand cables island wide.