RG59U cable red & green brandRG59U cable cross section red & green brand

RG59U coaxial cable is used to connect audio & video equipment.
Use for connecting TVs, roof-top antennas, satellite TV receivers & GSM/CDMA phones.
This cable offers F-connectors on both ends for easy installation.
Available retail and wholesale in Sri Lanka

Center Conductor – Full Copper (OFC – Oxygen Fee Copper)
Impedance – 75 Ohm
Shield – 60% Braid 100% (OFC – Oxygen Fee Copper)
Foil – Polyester/Aluminum Fusible Shielding
Jacket – PVC Jacket
UV resistant for indoor & outdoor use
Length – 90 meters roll
Color – Black
Foot Markings
Package PE film packing (Polyethylene cover)

General Description
RG59 is a coaxial cable use to distribute & connect cable television, satellite TV,
domestic TV signals. The “RG” stands for radio guide, The number distinguishes
the different cable specifications. RG59 has been around for a long time. However,
modern TV signal requirements have made this cable less popular in the last few
years. RG6U has a larger conductor, which gives it much better signal quality
over RG59. RG59 is good for lower frequency signals (50 MHz). Making It a
good choice for connecting CCTV in Sri Lanka. As one of the main retail &
wholesale cable suppliers in Sri Lanka we provide the cost effective RG59
Red & Green brand cables island wide.